1 in 3 GP Surgeries Give Cause for Concern

A national inspection of over 900 GP surgeries in England has discovered that 1 in 3 is failing to meet the most basic standards.

This first national inspection by the Care Quality Commission has unearthed many failing in some practices. The CQC also said they had discovered examples of poor standards when it came to the handling of cleanliness and medicines, with maggots being found in two surgeries.

In nine of the surgeries examined, the failings were so severe that the CQC said they could “potentially affected thousands of people” and a third of practices have given them case for concern.

80% of the 900 surgeries that were targeted were selected because of known concerns whilst the remaining 20% were chosen

The CQC has also said they have found example of emergency drugs kept that were out of date and vaccinations not being stored in regulated fridges, which is something that could seriously affect how the antibodies work.

One regulator commented that some of the practices visited were “visibly dirty”, although the details of where the maggots were found has not been released. Another practice was found to be conducting private consultations with patients in a room that had no door.

Other practices were found not to be conducting the correct employment and background checks and some patients reported that they were unable to get appointments for weeks.

Over the next two years the CQC is aiming to inspect all 8,000 GP practices and provide them with one of four ratings: outstanding, good, requires improvement or inadequate. The same inspections will be occurring in hospitals.

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