£1.65million Secured For Seriously Injured Motocross Enthusiast

A client of Express Solicitors’ has been offered a payout of £1.65million following a motocross accident that left him with serious head injuries including brain damage. This unfortunate and tragic accident took place at a Motocross practise track in the North West.

At the time of the accident the client had been stationary on part of the race track after his engine had stalled. The client was positioned at the far end of a jump near to where riders would land; he could not be seen from the ramp where jumps took place. Another rider on the track took the jump and upon landing he struck the client on the head knocking him unconscious and causing severe concussion. The client was rushed to the nearest hospital where he stayed for 5 months.

Unfortunately this catastrophic accident caused serious brain damage to the client. His symptoms include: personality change, dizziness, reduced sense of taste/smell, impaired balance, and slurred speech. It can be pointed that the client is likely to struggle maintaining a job due to his injuries and may need help with certain domestic tasks.

At trial it was found that the marshal responsible for this part of the race track had not waved the appropriate flag in order to warn the other Motocross riders of the client on the track further ahead. Therefore the marshal had ultimately failed in his duty to keep the race track safe which was the leading cause of the accident resulting in serious injury to the client.

The sum of £1.65million has been awarded to the client. This is to compensate him for the serious injuries he sustained and to cover his loss of earnings and any potential future earnings since he may be unable to sustain a job. The client also receives domestic care to help him in his new home.

At Express Solicitors we realise it is important to not only consider compensation but also rehabilitation following a serious injury.

If you would like and help or advice about a Serious Injury please feel free to contact Express Solicitors on our free phone number: 0800 158 5274.

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