£10,000 Awarded to Teacher Who Slipped in ASDA

Rebecca Tomlinson has been awarded £10,000 after she slipped on wet flooring in an ASDA supermarket.

Miss Tomlinson had picked up some groceries in the morning for her class since it was the last day of term.  After paying for her items she made her way towards the exit of the store. As Miss Tomlinson was approaching the automatic doors she slipped on wet flooring and came crashing to the floor. Since she had been carrying shopping in her left hand, Miss Tomlinson hit the whole of her left side on the floor.

Miss Tomlinson was in shock after her fall; she was in a lot of pain and began to feel nauseas. There was no wet floor warning signs in the area to make Miss Tomlinson aware of the slippery flooring and there were no grip mats.

Miss Tomlinson drove to the school where she worked but had to keep stopping on her way due to nausea and sickness. When she arrived at work Miss Tomlinson told the first aider who strapped up her left wrist which was swollen. Miss Tomlinson later went to a walk-in medical centre where they suggested that she had torn ligaments in her hand and warned her to be careful due to suffering from mild concussions.

After her accident Miss Tomlinson’s foot was extremely difficult to walk on and she suffered from pins and needles. She decided to have 6 sessions of physiotherapy in a bid to reduce the painful symptoms that she was experiencing.

Since the accident Miss Tomlinson has suffered from severe headaches and spasms in her left hand. She has also suffered from considerable pain and for a period of time had to take strong painkillers.

Before the accident, Miss Tomlinson used to go the gym, do Pilates and modern dance every week but she has since been unable to do these things along with any other form of exercise.

Due to the considerable pain and suffering Miss Tomlinson has experienced following her accident she has been awarded £10,000 in compensation. Thanks to the work of Sarah Mawdsley, ASDA were found liable for the accident for failing to put wet flooring signs out when they have a duty of care for their customers.

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