£120,000 Awarded To Lady After Badly Administered Injection

Mrs Joanne Campbell approached Express Solicitors after a badly administered injection left her with temporary paralysis and a frequently occurring pins and needles sensation in her right arm.

Mrs Campbell visited the private Hospital of Saint John and Saint Elizabeth to receive an epidural for a prolapsed disc in her neck (this had occurred from a previous incident). The epidural injection was administered into the back of Mrs Campbell’s neck; however the doctor carrying out the procedure accidently punctured the needle into her spine.

A few hours after the injection Mrs Campbell began to experience limited functionality in the right side of her hand and arm which eventually turned into complete paralysis. The paralysis lasted for 5 days until it wore off, although even now Mrs Campbell continues to sufferfrom an extremely painful burning sensation and weakness in her arm and hand.

Mrs Campbell visited a neurosurgeon to find out more information about the extent of her injuries. The neurosurgeon carried out an MRI scan and diagnosed nerve damage resulting from the epidural injection. The neurosurgeon stated that an operation may be necessary and upon this information Mrs Campbell then went to see a neurologist who also confirmed that her injury was likely to have been caused by the epidural needle.

Along with the problems in her arm, Mrs Campbell also suffers from pain in her left leg and foot. The neurologist found that this pain can be attributed to a hole in Mrs Campbell’s spinal column which was caused by the epidural needle.

Due to the negligence of the doctor who administered the epidural, Mrs Campbell has experienced prolonged pain and suffering which is likely to continue in the future. She was awarded £120,000 in compensation for her injuries thanks to the work carried out by Partner, Robin Patey, at Express Solicitors.

When asked about her experience of making a claim with Express Solicitors, Mrs Campbell answered: “I didn’t know anything about the law before this case started and I feel as though I have learnt a great deal. I was very pleased with how the case went and I was kept informed with every step. I think the case was run very well. Robin Patey was efficient in bringing the case to conclusion, which was brilliant. I was delighted when the case concluded and with the amount I received.”

If you have suffered from an injury as a result of Clinical Negligence, please contact Express Solicitors today to obtain free legal advice from a specialist Clinical Negligence solicitor and help with your claim. The number to ring is: 0800 158 5274.

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