£12,519.00 for an Accident in M&S

Our client was involved in an accident whilst working at Marks and Spencer in Bromley.  The store had closed and the cleaners were on duty cleaning the floor at the time.   The cleaning fluid utilised by the cleaners was not visible when used on the tiled flooring and when our client attempted to change direction on the tiled flooring, she slipped and fell.  Due to the fact that she was carrying items at the time, she was unable to break her fall and fell heavily onto her left knee. images

After submission of the claim to the Defendant, an early admission of negligence was secured.   The Defendant did however specify that they intended to raise issue with whether our client’s injuries were caused by the accident in question.

In the aftermath of the accident our client noticed additional pain in her left hip and the following day her knee became swollen and bruised.  She therefore attended her GP and underwent an x-ray of her pelvis to rule out a hip fracture.    The x-ray was normal but she required physiotherapy treatment which she underwent via her private health insurance.   Unfortunately, the physiotherapy was not helpful and she was then referred for an MRI scan.

The MRI scan showed no significant bony damage and our client was able to return to work 10 weeks after the incident.

We arranged an appointment with a Consultant orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr Mark Rickman.  Mr Rickman concluded that our client had some pre-existing issues with her lower back and both hips prior to his accident and also that she had some early degenerative changes showing from the scans to both her hips and knee.   He recommended, in the absence of an improvement in symptoms, several steroid injections and thereafter an arthroscopy.

Our client underwent two steroid injections, the second of which took place some 20 months post accident.  Fortunately for our client, following the second steroid injection, she became largely pain free and there was therefore no need for her to undergo the suggested surgery.

Advice was sought from a barrister, who advised that the claim was worth between £5,000.00 and £10,000.00.  Upon disclosure of all relevant medical evidence to the Defendant, including three reports from the Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, we entered in to negotiations with the defendant.  During the course of negotiations, the Claimant made an offer to settle her case in the global sum of £12,519.00, which was accepted by the Defendant.  The settlement included £2,519.00 for her private medical treatment.

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