£15,000 Awarded to Client Involved in an Accident at Work

Our client was involved in an accident at his place of work in February 2011. He was employed as a machine operator. Whilst working on a machine he realised it was over packed, and had to climb into the machine in order to pack it back down. As he climbed out of the machine his leg was tangled and he fell five foot, snapping his tibia and cracking his knee cap.

Liability for the accident was admitted by our client’s employer, but subject to contributory negligence that our client was partly liable for the accident.

Court proceedings were then issued. Our client was claiming for his injuries, along with his out of pocket expenses and his loss of earnings following the accident. Our client felt that given his injuries would prevent him from doing any heavy work and he would not have the same opportunities on the open labour market.

An interim payment was sought for our client, and he received £5,000. The case ultimately settled for the sum of £15,000. There were no elements of contributory negligence in the final settlement, and the Defendants were found 100% liable.

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