£22,800 awarded to Mrs Mulligan after a fall in a bar

craigIn September 2012 Mrs Mulligan was enjoying a weekend away in Cardiff with her Husband.  Mrs Mulligan decided to visit the Defendant bar, known as The Bunker Bar, and slipped and fell as a result of spilt drinks on the floor.  The accident had a profound effect on Mrs Mulligan’s life.  She sustained a fracture to her left wrist and subsequently developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in her right wrist.  This also prevented Mrs Mulligan from carrying out her job as a cleaner.  Despite the Claimant’s injuries and having visited hospital, the Defendant denied that Mrs Mulligan’s accident had ever occurred.  The Defendant then went into administration and stated that in the event Mrs Mulligan’s case was successful she would have to pay £2,500.00 for an excess on the insurance policy.  Despite these difficulties Express Solicitors proceeded to issue proceedings and obtained compensation for Mrs Mulligan in the sum of £22,832.83.  Express Solicitors also ensured Mrs Mulligan did not have to pay the insurance excess that the Defendant sought to make her pay.

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