£2,500 awarded to Mr White 6 weeks after defendants asked us to withdraw the claim.

Mr White was involved in an accident at work in July 2015 when he was unloading a compact (also known as a scissor lift) from the back of a low loader vehicle. Mr White lowered the compact from the vehicle using an electronic winch. As the compact reached the bottom of the ramp on the vehicle the compact slid and lurched to the left hand side where Mr White was stood and in doing so the front left wheel of the compact ran over his left foot causing bruising and numbness in his ankle.800x600-430LRT-silo

Mr White instructed us to pursue a claim against his employer Hicks Logistics and we duly commenced the claim against the Hick’s and their Employers’ Liability Insurer, Allianz. Hick’s denied liability for the accident on the basis that Mr White had not used the correct procedure whilst unloading the compact from the low loader, contrary to his training.

We obtained and finalised medical evidence and commenced Court proceedings in order to the progress the claim. The Defendant’s Solicitor Keoghs failed to understand how the accident could have happened and invited us to withdraw the claim.

In order for Keoghs to fully understand the mechanism of the accident we attended a site inspection in which Mr White was able to show them exactly how the accident occurred. During the site inspection Hick’s used a winch brother, a metal chain that helps keep loads level, to unload the compact which was never supplied to Mr White. Mr White wasn’t aware that winch brothers were being regularly used by his colleagues and the procedure to unload a compact was not consistent across the company.95899152-9243-4b82-bf31-248ea606ef97-full

We obtained further witness evidence supporting the fact that Mr White’s colleagues used different equipment and procedures when unloading compacts from a low loader.

Within 6 weeks of the Defendant’s Solicitors inviting us to withdraw the claim a settlement offer was received in the sum of £2,500 and accepted by Mr White who was extremely happy with the successful outcome of his claim and thanked us for our know-how and tenacity in dealing with his claim.

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