£2717.55 for a slip in a Supermarket

Miss Oduro, mother of 3 has been awarded £2717.55 in compensation following an accident in October 2014 when she was shopping.

Miss Oduro who was 49 years old at the time of the accident, was shopping in a Tesco’s supermarket. As she was shopping she suddenly slipped on some spilt Yogurt that was on the floor. Miss Oduro fell forwards hitting the front of her head and twisted her leg. Luckily she didn’t lose consciousness but was taken to hospital by ambulance on a stretcher as a precaution.catherine

After instructing Express Solicitors the claim was initiated against the defendants solicitors who admitted liability for the accident shortly afterwards.

Arrangements were made for Miss Oduro to see an Orthopaedic consultant who recommended she also see a neurologist to ensure she hadn’t suffered a head injury.

The defendants initially made an offer without any medical evidence being obtained for £500.00. We advised Miss Oduro that without medical evidence we details of her out of pocket expenses or financial losses that were incurred as result of her injuries we were unable to value the claim at this stage and that the she might have under settled her claim.

She rejected the offer and proceeded to finalise her medical evidence and associated losses.

The medical experts found that as a consequence of the accident she suffered a 10 month ankle injury which required physio therapy with some associated headaches.

Once medical evidence was disclosed the defendants increased their offer to £2717.55 some £2200.00 more than the defendant original offer.

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