£29,800 Awarded To Prison Officer After He Tripped And Fell On A Metal Post

Bruce Michael has been awarded £29,800 after he tripped and fell on a metal post whilst working in a prison as a prison officer. Due to the accident, he suffered from a knee injury that left him requiring an arthroscopy as well as leaving him in pain for over a month.

It was 8.30pm in the evening when the main body of staff at the prison (where Mr Michael worked) had finished their shift. At this point in the day, it was Mr Michael’s responsibility to secure two gates outside of the E-Wing before making his way back to the main corridor in the prison. As he was walking back to the main corridor, Mr Michael tripped over a 4 inch metal stump that was in the ground falling forwards. He landed initially on his left knee which hit another metal stump, and also banged his head on the ground.

Mr Michael was shaken by what had happened, he noticed that he had a cut on his left knee and he was in a lot of pain. Mr Michael went off duty and filled in the accident book before going home where he used an ice pack on his knee to try and reduce the swelling. The next day Mr Michael went to visit his GP who recommended he had an x-ray. Due to his injuries it was advised he took Ibuprofen and paracetamol to ease the pain.

The metal stumps that Mr Michael tripped over had been secured in the ground, and were previously used to support a wall and roof which has since been removed. The metal stumps were along the whole length of the walkway and various prison officers had complained about them prior to the accident. Mr Michael himself had reported the metal stumps to the small repairs line as they had been left there for 2-3 weeks and considered a potential hazard by many employees.

Mr Michael felt nauseous for 3-4 days following his accident and it took over a month for the pain to fade in his leg.  Due to his accident Mr Michael has experienced prolonged pain and suffering and he also required a knee arthroscopy (key hole surgery) on his left knee.

It was Mr Michael’s employer’s responsibility to ensure that the working area was safe and free from any dangers and obstructions which could cause their employees harm. Unfortunately on this occasion, Mr Michael was injured as a result of his employer’s negligence and failure to remove the metal poles. Throughout the claim, Mr Michael’s  employer contested responsibility for the accident in terms of quantum and contributory negligence but thanks to the work by Associate Partner, Richard Lowery at Express Solicitors, Mr Michael was awarded £29,800 in financial compensation for his injuries.

If you have suffered from an injury at work that was through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to financial compensation. For free legal advice from a specialist Employer’s Liability solicitor, and help with making your claim please call 0845 456 4007.

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