A 31-year old Joiner from Stockport receives £4,651.00 following a trip of a loose paving slab.

Mr Hughes and his family travelled to Rhyl for a holiday in June 2016. As Mr Hughes was walking back to the car after eating at a restaurant with his family, he tripped on a loose paving slab on a set of public stairs. Mr Hughes was instantly in pain. He reported the accident to Denbighshire County Council as the accident happened in an area which attracted children and he wanted to make sure it was repaired to prevent any further accidents.trip

As a result of tripping on the loose paving slab, Mr Hughes fell backwards injuring his right knee, ankle and back. Mr Hughes self-medicated in order to continue working and carrying out daily activities. Due to the pain, Mr Hughes had to give up his hobbies of golf and the gym.

Mr Hughes was forced to issue Court proceedings as Denbighshire County Council would not accept any responsibility for the accident. After hearing the case at a final hearing, District Judge Dignan found that the Denbighshire County Council did not have a suitable inspection system in place and they were responsible for Mr Hughes’ accident. Mr Hughes was awarded £4,572.00 in damages for the injuries he sustained.

Mr Hughes was very happy and satisfied with this result, he thanked Express Solicitors for all the work we carried out on his case.

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