38 Patients At Risk Of CJD After Hospital Error

The BBC has reported that thirty eight patients were put at risk of contracting CJD or CreutzfeldtJakob Disease  during surgery in South Wales during 2007/2009.
The risk stems from instruments used in operations which were not sterilized properly possibly leaving proteins on them which could cause CJD. After a patient who was first operated on in 2007 returned for further surgery in 2009 it was identified that the individual was at high risk of contracting the disease.

Instruments That Were Not Correctly Sterilised Used In Further Operations

The same instruments were then used in thirtyeight further operations and while Public Health Wales stresses that there are only six cases worldwide where CJD has been transmitted in this fashion it must be a worrying time for the patients concerned.
Not least because of the vicious nature of the diseases: CJD is nearly always fatal and individuals typically die within six months from diagnosis having suffered from jerky limbs loss of speech and incontinence caused by the killing of brain cells.

Affected Patients Face Uncertain Future

But also because of the uncertainty as the thirtyeight people affected cannot be sure whether or not they will contract CJD or not. Thankfully there has not been a diagnosis yet in any of the patients but that might not be the end of the story. The only advice to them is to carry on and live their lives as normal yet understandably they are extremely worried and upset.
Regardless of the current health of the thirtyeight people involved in this incident their family’s and their own worry will be ongoing. That the surgical instruments were not sterilized correctly is a basic error and it must be infuriating to those involved how such a basic error could have occurred.
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