£4.25m Payout For Drink Driving Victim

Pleasing to see the victim of an horrific accident caused by a
drink driver receive a fair compensation payout.  Rhiannon Millett was
just six years old when the car she was in was hit by Jeremy Halletts Range
Rover in Blackwood.

 Hallett was well over the drink driving limit and on the wrong
side of the road his actions killing Rhiannons mothers partner. Rhiannon
herself suffered a broken leg and serious head injuries which caused
nearfatal intracranial bleeding. Lucky to survive a period in intensive care
she now suffers from headaches scarring rightsided weakness disabling
fatigue and can only walk limited distances. Her injuries are so serious that
she will never be able to have a job nor be capable of living alone.

Hallett was convicted of causing death by driving without due
care and attention while over the drink drive limit in 1997 and credit must go
to her mother Alison Kearney who fought on Rhiannons behalf to secure a payout
of £4.25million in May 2011. £1million is to be paid up front with yearly
payments of around £50000 for the rest of Rhiannons life. As she requires
round the clock treatment the money will ensure she receives the best possible
treatment as well as easing the strain placed upon her family by funding
respite care.

Sadly despite numerous government and road safety charity education programs and a stigma which is rightfully attached to drink driving

on average 3000 people in the UK are killed or seriously injured as a result
of drink driving. This forms roughly 16% of all UK road deaths.

If you or a member of your family have been seriously injured as a result of drink driving please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Road
Traffic Accident solicitor.

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