£45,000 Awarded to Elderly Client After Complications Occurred During Hip Replacement Surgery

Our elderly client suffered with osteoarthritis for several years which affected her hips. Eventually  the pain became unbearable and she was listed for hip replacement surgery. She underwent the surgery in December 2012, aged 80. The surgery appeared to go well and the client was referred for physiotherapy.

After a couple of weeks, our client started experiencing severe pain in her hip and was taken back into hospital. It was found that she had a peri-prosthetic fracture of the hip. Our client required further surgery to repair the fracture and prosthesis. As this was a second surgery, it was more difficult and our client did not make a full recovery. She has been left with ongoing pain and restrictions on  mobility, these will continue for the rest of her life.

Our investigations found that there was a complication during the hip replacement surgery where a hole was made in the femur and not repaired, nor did the hospital check the x-rays taken in theatre and after the surgery. Had they done so they would have identified the problem and had a chance to repair it before a fracture developed. This in turn resulted in the fracture.

Liability was admitted and negotiations commenced on the value of this claim. A settlement of £45,000 was achieved which took into account, the pain and suffering that our client experienced as a result of the fracture, the need for further surgery and the ongoing pain that continued. It also accounted for the additional care that the client had received as a result of the negligence and the care that she would need moving forward, and for the rest of her life.  This includes help with tasks such as shopping, gardening, changing bed lined and carrying heavy items.

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