£8,000 awarded after a trip on a loose paving slab.

The claimant who was 61 years old at the time of the accident, has been awarded £8,000 following an accident, when she stepped on a loose paving slab, which caused her to trip forwards and fall, striking her right cheek, right knee and going over on her right ankle.download

The accident occurred on the pavement outside a row of shops in London.  The claim was initiated against the council who confirmed the accident actually occurred on private land.  The claim was then initiated against 2 further potential defendant’s who owned the nearby premises.

After having to make a court application against one of the defendant’s to force them to comply with the claimant’s case, ultimately the third defendant admitted liability for the accident as they did not have any documents to show that they had maintained the area to a safe standard.
The claimant currently lives in Singapore and therefore a desk top report was obtained from an Accident and Emergency Consultant who conducted a telephone conference with the claimant and was thereafter able to provide her with a comprehensive medical report, detailing that she has suffered a partial thickness abrasion to her cheek which resulted in hyper pigmentation which was very visible to the naked eye causing an embarrassing cosmetic blemish.
She also suffered an injury to her right knee which took the form of a full thickness abrasion which unfortunately resulted in a keloid scar which caused pain and discomfort when she kneeled.  The claimant also suffered a ligament sprain to her right ankle with the symptoms settling within 3 months.
Once the medical evidence and the claimant’s associated losses were finalised we entered into negotiation’s with the defendant.  The defendant initially offered £5,000 in full and final settlement of the claimant’s claim which we advised her to reject, and instead made a counter offer of £8,000 which was ultimately accepted by the defendant.


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