80mph Motorway Speed Limit A Recipe For Carnage

No surprise to see road safety groups criticising the Government’s plans to increase the speed limit on UK motorways. Transport Secretary Philip Hammond cited the advances in car technology and safety as the main reasons for increasing it from 70mph to 80mph.
This change has been mooted to come in to effect in 2013 after a consultation period which will begin this year. The stated aim is to boost the economy by reducing commute times but at what cost?

Fantastic Road Safety Record At Risk If 80mph Limit Introduced

Despite having some of the busiest roads in the world the UK’s road safety record is fantastic. By pandering to a noisy uninformed minority of petrol heads wanting to drive faster the government is putting this record not to mention lives in jeopardy.
Any move to allow people to drive faster on motorways reduces motorists’ time to avoid a fatal pile up. And when collisions do occur they are more likely to be fatal as they are crashing at higher speeds. Furthermore 80mph just may not be enough for some people: as Steven Joseph from Campaign for Better Transport pointed out if the limit is increased to 80pm then people will feel they can get away with driving at 90mph.
Working in a busy Road Traffic Accident (RTA) department sadly I am alltoo familiar with serious injuries and fatalities caused by cars travelling too fast. Legitimising driving at 80mph flies in the face of the sensible advice proffered the road safety charities and I hope the government reconsiders before sanctioning faster speeds on our motorways.

Raise In Motorway Speed Limit Will Lead To More Fatalities

The excellent charity Brake provides evidence on their website showing that raising the limit will mean more deaths from road traffic accidents. They also provide examples from other countries who have raised their motorway speed limits and who have suffered an increase in RTA fatalities consequently.
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