£8m Compensation After 10 Year Legal Battle

Fantastic to see justice awarded to a twelve year old boy who suffered clinical negligence at the hands of the NHS. Nathan Humphries was left with cerebral palsy and epilepsy due to North Staffordshire Hospital failing to react to his mother’s high blood pressure in 1998 causing her to have a serious seizure and therefore starving the unborn Nathan of oxygen in the womb.

Compensation Ensures Child Receives Best Medical Care For Life

The fee of 8million pounds is one of the highest ever compensation packages awarded for this type of case and should ensure that Nathan who will always be dependent on the care of his parents and health professionals will receive the best treatment for the rest of his life.
What is shocking about this case is that the brave family had to battle the NHS from almost since the child’s birth to secure compensation for the irreversible damage their negligence caused. Ultimately the NHS Trust in question did admit liability but why did it take so long? Why put the family through more even more trauma? It’s literally adding insult to injury.
In refusing to admit liability for over a decade the NHS drove up the costs of the case. As a clinical negligence lawyer who represents clients who have been mistreated at the hands of the cashstrapped NHS I find this infuriating as the money could have been spent on improving care for all instead of being wasted on futile litigation.

Family’s Brave Battle Secures Apology

Credit must go to the family of Nathan for bravely battling to secure not only a fair financial compensation package but to hold out for an apology from the NHS.
If you or a member of your family has suffered clinical negligence please contact us to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist clinical negligence solicitor.
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