A Few Hours Sleep Not Enough For Sobriety

It deeply saddened me to learn of the tragic and untimely death of a family man in Hastings last year. Mr Paul CollierBaker 54 was a motorcycle enthusiast who died after falling off his motorbike in June 2010. After crashing into road signs at a roundabout he sustained fatal chest injuries. He leaves behind a fiancee and stepdaughter.
An inquest into the death was held last week at Eastbourne Magistrates Court. It heard how Mr. CollierBaker had travelled to Hampden Park and enjoyed an evening out with friends the night before his fatal accident. Having consumed alcohol he decided to sleep on his friend’s sofa. Rising early to nip home on his motorcycle to change before work the accident happened shortly after 6am.

Motorcyclist Over Drink Driving Limit Following Evening Out

A toxicology report confirmed that the level of alcohol in Mr CollierBaker’s body was well over the legal limit for driving. The crash investigator for Sussex police concluded that Mr CollierBaker’s reactions were likely to have been slowed by the alcohol the likely reason for why he didn’t react to the roundabout in good time to brake safely.
The case is a timely reminder of the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol not just on the night of consumption but the following day as well. It is all too easy to think that as sleep separates one day from another a sobering effect is guaranteed.

Alcohol Remained In Motorcyclist’s Body Following Morning

Yet both the quantity of alcohol and number of hours of sleep must be taken into consideration. If a heavy drinking session is followed by just a few hours sleep then it is likely an individual will remain too drunk to operate their vehicle safely and legally risking death and serious injury to themselves and other road users.
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