Airport Accident Ruins European Holiday

Many a nervous traveller will don lucky socks say a few prayers and cross their fingers to prevent against disaster striking during their flight but one unfortunate client of mine sustained an untimely accident mere seconds after leaving the aircraft.
After touching down in France he was walking along the elevated tunnel taking him from aeroplane to airport terminal when he was squashed between two sliding doors. He suffered injuries including a sprained and twisted right ankle.

Accident At French Airport Ruins Holiday

Ok so on the face of it a sprain is not as serious as some of the serious fractures spinal and brain injuries that we are used to dealing with here at Express Solicitors but nevertheless it ruined my client’s holiday as walking and standing was nigh on impossible without assistance.
After taking the case on I initiated a claim against the airport in France. Arguing jurisdiction in light of certain international laws I was successful in ensuring the matter was referred the opponent’s UK representative insurers. This was crucial in allowing my client to continue to instruct UK solicitors to pursue his rightful compensation despite the accident occurring in a foreign country.

Uk Tourist Successfully Claims Compensation For Accident Abroad

I used my wide network of international lawyers to ascertain the best advice on behalf of my client with respect to the laws governing quantum in France (my client’s damages were determined by French laws of quantum meaning he was compensated according to this and not UK quantum). I am pleased to say his claim was successful and he was compensated for his pain and suffering medical costs and for the loss of enjoyment on his holiday.
If you have sustained a personal injury while in a foreign country please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Travel Accidents Solicitor.
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