Anniversary Of Ice Slip Schoolgirl Is Timely Reminder Of Seasonal Dangers

It was the recent anniversary of the tragic death of a girl from Blackburn who died in January 2010 after slipping on ice at school. Naeemah Achha suffered serious head injuries when she fell and despite treatment at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital she sadly passed away on.

Ice Believed To Be Cause Of Accident

Naeemah was just 11 years old so her death must have been particularly distressing for her family. A spokeswoman for Lancashire Police said Naeemah was believed to have slipped on the ice resulting in the head injuries that caused her death.
Questions were inevitably asked regarding the safety of the school grounds and specifically whether or not an adequate gritting policy was implemented.

Broken Bones And Bruises More Common But Fatalities Do Occur

Naeemah’s death served as a timely reminder to take care on the ice as while bumps bruises the odd broken bone and damaged pride are more common results of a fall a combination of treacherous conditions and a bang to the head can prove fatal.
If you or a member of your family has been killed or seriously injured as a result of slipping on ice you may be entitled to claim damages. Please contact us today to discuss your case free of charge with a specialist occupier’s liability solicitor.
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