Another Personal Injury Firm To Close

This week Express Solicitors were disappointed to hear of the closure of yet another law firm specialising in Personal Injury. All 250 employees and solicitors at Blakemores were told to pack their desks and head home after an intervention by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).  Similar to Express Solicitors, Blakemores was a fast-growing firm but unfortunately they have suffered due to poor cash flow along with the crippling cuts to Legal Aid and the shrinking of the Personal Injury market.

Only in 2011 was Blakemores praised for its ‘Lawyers2You’ model in which they were one of the UK’s first direct consumer marketing legal brands. The Lawyers2You marketing model saw the firm set up stands in over 20 public-facing sites such as shopping centres, giving lawyers direct access to the general public, and aiming to shun any misconceptions about lawyers not been friendly and approachable. The firm also won the award titled ‘Most Innovative Marketing Idea 2010’ by the 360 Legal Group. It is always sad to see an innovative and dynamic firm close its doors, although of course we can expect that the legislation changes in April 2013 are going to see a number of other Personal Injury firms close too, with an ever increasing number of job losses along the way.

Not only is the closure of law firms bad news for business and employees, but clients are also suffering. Clients’ claims are getting moved from firm to firm; they are sometimes left in the dark, and increasingly have fewer options to choose from in terms of who they make their claim with. At Express Solicitors, we are confident that we stand in a strong position for the up-and-coming law changes, we have good funding and a strong management team to help with any changes required to the business. Despite the next few months being tough for Personal Injury law firms on the whole, Express will continue to offer an excellent level of customer service to clients. We have been open and honest approach to communication with our clients and have already informed them about the future changes to the legislation. We have sympathy for anyone injured after April 1st as they will lose out on a large percentage of their compensation award to pay legal fees.

If you have been injured through no fault of your own, we urge you to come forward as soon as possible to ensure that you receive 100% of compensation for your injuries. For free legal advice or help with a claim for compensation please feel free to ring 0800 158 5274.   

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