Cereal Manufacturers Rethink On Recycled Cardboard

Despite the Food Standards Authority (FSA) playing down studies by Swiss researchers into health dangers posed by recycled cereal packaging many leading cereal manufacturers are reviewing or changing their packaging arrangements.
The concern is over packaging made from recycled newspaper where the mineral oils from the papers’ ink come into contact with food. Toxicologists had linked this to inflammation of the organs and cancer and Jordans (whose Country Crisp and Crunchy Oats cereal you might have enjoyed for breakfast this morning) have stopped using certain types of recycled cardboard. Kellogs are reviewing their approach to recycled packaging also.

FSA Describes Research Into Cereal Packaging As ‘Interesting’

The FSA described the Swiss researchers’ findings as ‘interesting’ but said that further research was necessary and was being carried out. Personally I will watch developments with interest as I am aware that seemingly innocuous items can have hidden dangers which then prove to have devastating health effects on an individual.

Seemingly Harmless Items Can Have Hidden Dangers

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