Charities Stand Up And Oppose Government Proposals

The Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) has mounted a high court challenge to the government’s plans to reform the legal aid system. They’re the latest organisation to condemn the plans which threaten access to justice for thousands of people in the UK.
The SIA is being supported by other victims’ support charities such as the brain injury organisation Headway and the medical negligence charity Action Against Medical Accidents and if it successfully obtained a judicial review then the plans may have to be redrawn.

SIA Stongly Objects To Goverment Plans

Dan Burden from the SIA explains why the proposals to cut legal aid and restrict access to justice for many individuals is grossly unfair:
‘For a great many people whose lives have been devastated through a catastrophic event such as a spinal cord injury the ‘no win no fee’ system has opened up the opportunity irrespective of means to submit a legitimate claim.
A newly injured person who is facing up to a life of permanent disability and paralysis should be entitled to obtain good quality legal advice which is independent without financial pressures impacting their decision to progress a claim.’
I couldn’t have put it better myself!

Charities Have Role To Play In Shaping Policy

Charities such as Headway do fantastic work in supporting individuals who have suffered terrible brain injuries. It’s great to see them also getting behind the SIA in opposition to the government’s proposals. which if implemented may mean a return to dark times when only the rich can afford to seek recompense for serious injury.
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