Child Injuries Caused By Poor Supervision In Nurseries

Here at Express Solicitors we specialise in Child Accident Claims. Recently we have been taking on a lot of Nursery Accidents Claims involving young children that are often tricky complex cases in which it is hard to prove liability.
By their very nature a nursery accident will not be witnessed by the parent or guardian who is bringing the claim on behalf of the child. And due to the young age of the children involved in such accidents their testimony cannot usually be sought or replied upon.

Hard Fight To Secure Compensation For Injured Children

In light of this in most instances the liability is staunchly denied by the nursery. Of course we keep on fighting and working hard to establish and prove exactly why the nursery was at fault and responsible for the injuries to the child who was placed in their care.
There seems to be an ever increasing number of instances where the ratio of supervising adults to young children was not sufficient. This is possibly due to the nursery taking bookings to care for too many children not hiring enough staff or perhaps just poor management of the nursery. Regardless a parent or guardian has a right to expect that once they place their child in the care of a nursery there will be adequate supervision to safeguard against preventable accidents.

Supervision Essential In Preventing Child Injury In Nursery

Furthermore serious accidents to children often remind parents of smaller accidents that have happened to their child in the nursery previously. Parents at the time may consider them insignificant but in the light of a more serious accident they can retrospectively bring a further claim which again implies negligence on the part of the nursery in question.
If your child has been injured while in the care of their school or nursery please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Child Accidents Solicitor.
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