Clinical Negligence Cases Enforce Change And Improvement In NHS

For anyone who has more than a passing concern for the NHS and patient welfare the proposed cuts to legal aid are worrying. As my colleague pointed out recently any savings made by cutting legal aid will be felt by the NHS as the cost of settling clinical negligence claims via alternative means (ie. CFA) will be far greater.
And for the victims of clinical negligence finding legal representation without legal aid will be a lot harder due to the intricate complex nature of these types of cases. Access to justice will be diminished for individuals and families whom the NHS has failed.

Improving The Standard Of Care For Everyone

For me though clinical negligence claims play a vital role in raising the standard of care for everyone who receives medical attention. These types of claims identify shortcomings in medical practice and are often vital in ensuring serious mistakes are not made repeatedly.
By enabling improvements to be made in the NHS if and when healthcare drops below an acceptable standard clinical negligence claims play an important role in society. The benefits of this are enjoyed by all.

Clinical Negligence Cases Ensure Healthcare Maintains Standards

Without legal aid funding fewer clinical negligence claims will be brought against the NHS and therefore mistakes will go unchecked for longer and improvements may take longer to implement or simply won’t be made at all.
If you have suffered clinical negligence from a medical professional please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist clinical negligence solicitor.
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