How is Compensation Calculated?

This brief article hopes to explain how calculations about compensation are made.

Two Categories of Damage

There are 2 broad categories of compensation.

General  Damages

Firstly the injured party is compensated for the physical injury that they have sustained. The amount of money that you will receive is calculated by the court using guidelines provided by the Judicial Studies Board. These guidelines provide advice to a judge about how much compensation to award to a party for a particular injury. The amounts recommended in the guidelines are based on both the severity and longevity of an injury. For example someone who sustains a moderate hand injury including soft tissue damage or deep lacerations can expect to receive between £4,500 and £9,500. Whereas someone who sustains an injury that requires the amputation of an index, middle, or in finger then they can expect to receive between £44,200 and £64,800. The judge has the discretion to choose a figure between the guideline amounts, or a figure of their own choosing, based upon the evidence presented to them by both parties. For this reason it’s very important that previous case law is thoroughly researched and provided to the judge as an example of the amount of compensation sought. When pursuing a claim with us your solicitor will rigorously research relevant cases in order to ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve.

Please feel free to use our compensation calculator to see the kind of compensation that may be awarded for different kinds of injuries.

Special Damages

Secondly the injured party is entitled to compensation for all financial losses associated with the accident including loss of earnings, medical expenses, and travel expenses. In instances where care professionals, family members, or friends had provided assistance with personal care or household chores it is also possible to seek further damages. The amount of compensation awarded in respect of this category is highly dependent on an individual’s circumstances. If a client has been required to take a considerable amount of time off work and also be looked after by family members then they can expect to be awarded more than somebody who has been paid in full and did not require any assistance.

In summary

The amount of compensation that a party is entitled to is calculated by referring to both the injury and any associated financial losses. For further information and expert legal advice please contact us now on 0161 904 4460.

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