Compensation For Those Effected By Contamination In Harpurhey Reservoir

Express Solicitors is urging anyone to come forward who has suffered from any health problems arising after contamination at Harpurhey reservoir. It has been found that a number of individuals have suffered from adverse health problems after coming into contact with water in the reservoir. A number of people have suffered from breathing problems and skin conditions with a few individuals even having to be hospitalised with shortness of breath and impaired vision.

Although the site has warning signs, the council’s website describes the area as ‘green open space for walking, fishing and wildlife watching’ and it is believed that the council has not done enough to protect the public from this dangerous and toxic water.

If you have been effected by the polluted water at Harpurhey Reservoir get in touch with Express Solicitors today on 0800 158 5274 for free legal advice from a specialist Occupier’s Liability solicitor or help with making a claim for compensation. Express Solicitors has extensive experience in claims of this nature with solicitors at the firm who have handled many poisoning and dermatology claims.

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