Condolences To Family Of Baby Who Died After Hospital Blunder

Condolences and empathy for the family of Maninder Singh who died after unacceptably low medical and midwifery care at St Mary’s Hospital at the time of his birth.

Our hearts go out to the family of Maninder Singh who died in 2009 after his birth in 2008.His mother, Guita, was known to be carrying a high risk pregnancy and a decision was made to induce her at 34 weeks gestation because of concerns about the baby’s health.  Owing to a catalogue of errors and substandard care by the multi-disciplinary Delivery Team, Maninder was delivered without medical support and monitoring.  His Aunt Rekha Singh told an Inquest how Maninder was blue when he was born.  As a result of the substandard care, he suffered significant brain damage and respiratory problems and died age seven months.

Sadly, this story which is described as “unique” is not unique.  Tragedies for families when babies are born with significant injury owing to substandard medical care occur more frequently than they ought to in the developed world in the 21st Century.

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