Mr Hutchinson moved into a property arranged by Trivallis Limited (Formerly RCT Homes Limited). Mr Hutchinson is from the North East and he relocated for a sales job to the Rhondda Valleys in Wales. Prior to moving into this property he was active, sociable and content. He was employed, he was in a relationship and enjoyed going on holiday.

Following his move however, his life was transformed. Due to the condition of the property, which was damp, he suffered from serious and irreversible deterioration in his asthma control and was left with chronic asthma.Damp-and-the-Problems-Associated-With-It

He developed secondary blood clots in his legs and lungs along with significant psychological symptoms including stress symptoms, mood disturbance and social effects where he not only physically but mentally did not feel capable of going  out. His deterioration led to a number of hospital admissions which required him to commence regular steroid tablets and injections and he continues to suffer from severe chronic and debilitating respiratory symptoms.  Whilst his symptoms are partially controlled by inhalers and nebulisers, he will always require further treatment on a permanent basis. These symptoms have had a considerable impact on his daily life and every day tasks such as washing and dressing and household chores take much longer and he feels exhausted. He has poor exercise tolerance and his previous relationship broke down. He had no significant health problems prior to the accident, however he has now been left disabled as a result of the poor conditions he was exposed to whilst renting a home from Trivallis.

Despite previous complaints to Trivallis, they failed to carry out any necessary repairs and/or provide him with suitable accommodation. Mr Hutchinson felt they failed to carry out any promises and their employees were extremely dismissive of any complaints he made resulting in his now significant disability. He suffered from distress and inconvenience as he was not able to use his home in the usual way and this had an impact on his family who had to move out of the property and his partner and two children had to stay at other family members house, which eventually resulted in the breakdown of his relationship.

He was working as a successful sales person prior to the accident with a number of well-known companies, however since the accident he has been unable to work since. He required and will require significant care and assistance and support from family members. He has also required a number of aids and adaptations to his property.

The Defendant’s solicitors did admit that the living conditions were substandard but refused to accept his injuries were all caused by the accident. This resulted in a lengthy battle with the housing association, but eventually in a meeting with the solicitors from the housing association his claim settled for £240,000.00. The money enabled Mr Hutchinson to relocate to his home town in the North East where he can be nearer to his family.

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