The Dangers of Speeding

The offence of speeding is one of the most common road traffic offences committed by people in the UK. Speeding has become so common that when filling in a job application form, most employers will ask you if you have any criminal convictions other than speeding. So imagine having to declare that you do have other criminal convictions? A conviction that arose from another offence whilst speeding, maybe death by dangerous driving?

Dangerous driving alone results in devastating consequences and in far too many cases leads to death. One of the saddest cases seen is the case of Cerys Edwards.

In November 2006 the tragic youngster had just celebrated her first birthday when her family car was hit head-on by a powerful Range Rover Sport driven by Antonio Boparan.

Boparan was driving at more than 70mph in a 30mph zone and was on the wrong side of the road when the crash happened.

The accident left Cerys paralysed, unable to speak, permanently dependent on a ventilator and requiring round-the-clock care. Cerys sadly died in October this year, 9 years after the crash left her with catastrophic injuries.

Boparan was found guilty of dangerous driving in April 2008 but was released just 6 months into his 21 month sentence. Six months served for a life in ruins which then later resulted in a life being lost. This sparked ‘Cerys Law’ and as a result, anyone now convicted of causing serious injury by dangerous driving faces up to five years in prison, instead of the previous maximum of two years.

Undoubtedly Cerys’ family have now called for police to bring new charges against Boparan of causing death by dangerous driving. Boparan could have faced up to 14 years in prison if Cerys hadn’t of survived the crash at the time of the accident.

A vast majority of road users are constantly in a rush to get somewhere, hate being stuck behind a learner driver, a slow driver or in traffic. A vast majority of road users speed, over take and carry out unsafe manoeuvres to try and overcome their frustrations on the road.

When making a decision on the roads have you ever had the instinct to go with your initial thought, rather than thinking through the possible consequences of your actions? If speeding, over taking or carrying out an unsafe manoeuvre is your first instinct, the possible consequences for such driving could be a prison sentence for death by dangerous driving.  Would you rather be stuck in traffic, behind a slow driver, or stuck behind bars riddled with a guilt wishing you had given your actions a second thought?

Stop speeding; think twice and save a life!

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