Defective Harness Causes Toddler Injury

Upon purchase of any product the consumer places a certain amount of trust in the retailer and manufacturer that what they’re buying is safe to use. Of course the consumer must take responsibility to use the product in a safe and sensible way but nevertheless they have a right to expect that the product has been rigorously tested to ensure it is safe to use.

Product Safety Paramount When Designed For Children

And when a product is designed for or designed to be used by children then it is essential that the design and testing stages are even more thorough. Children cannot be expected to behave with the same maturity as their parents or guardians and a child may not spot a part that becomes defective as an adult might.
I am currently representing the family of a young child in a case against the wellknown retailer Toys R Us. A folding nursery swing from said outlet caused a very nasty accident earlier this year when stitching on one of the harness’s straps came loose and the one yearold boy fell forward.

Compensation Secured For Child After Accident Caused By Defective Product

He hit his head on a tray resulting in a cut to his top lip and facial bruising and swelling. While the physical injuries have healed he refuses to use anything with a similar harness and becomes distressed when in pushchairs and other items with similar harnesses.
It was the first time the swing had been used and the incident has caused massive disruption to the family. We expect to secure a fair settlement for the boy and his family compensating them for the pain and suffering as well as the emotional distress inflicted upon the young child.
If you or your child has been involved in an accident caused by a defective product please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Product Liability or Child Injuries Solicitor.
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