£92,500 secured for Construction Machine Mechanic who suffered traumatic amputation to left thumb.

Mr Marks was injured at work in November 2014 whilst working as a Construction Machine Mechanic.

His job required him to prepare a refurbished cement mixer to go out on hire and refuel the cement mixer’s engine. To refuel the engine, he had to lift a cover which covered the engine.  Once in an upright position, the cover was held in place by a catch on the left hand side of the cement mixer.  Once Mr Marks had refuelled the engine, he was required to start the motor.cement-mixer-1482835

The cement mixer’s electric starter motor had been removed by his employer, meaning Mr Marks had to manually pull a pull-cord to start the engine.  Suddenly, and without warning, as he pulled the pull-cord the catch on the cover failed, causing the cover to fall onto Mr Marks left non-dominant thumb.

Mr Marks suffered a life changing injury causing a traumatic amputation of the top of his left thumb. Following surgery he was left with phantom pain symptoms and stiffness.

Although his employer admitted they were at fault for the accident they alleged that Mr Marks was partly to blame for his accident for the way in which the accident occurred and where Mr Marks had positioned his hand, something that he strongly denied. Express Solicitors issued court proceedings maintaining that Mr Marks should not be held responsible in any way for the way his accident occurred.

Unfortunately, Mr Marks was left with significant difficulties in grip strength, fine dexterous tasks and cold intolerance which affected him both at home and work.

Express Solicitors were successful in reaching an out of court settlement with Mr Marks employer which allowed him to have the funds needed to obtain compensation for the pain and suffering caused by his injury, but also for his financial losses arising from the accident.

Mr Marks also received compensation which would allow him to consider purchasing aids and equipment to help him around the house and also purchase a prosthetic cover for his thumb in the future if he wished to do so.

Mr Marks was extremely happy with the way that Rob Weeden and his team had run his case to a successful conclusion without the need to proceed to a trial.

 “Thank you all again for your continued work and hard work for the last couple of years on my work injury claim, you have made the process very easy and I was kept informed at all times of the procedures. 

I will definitely be recommending your services to those who could benefit from the amazing services and quality on offer at Express Solicitors”.


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