Express Solicitors secure £130,000 for Mr Costa as a result of workplace accident

Mr Costa was injured at work in 2016 as a shuttering carpenter.

Whilst carrying out a conversion of a property Mr Costa was instructed by his employer to remove the shuttering underpinning the property.

Whilst Mr Costa was carrying out the work within the excavation, the soil, which was over head height, collapsed in and around him trapping him up to waist height.Shuttering 1.jfif

Mr Costa had to be freed by the fire brigade and suffered a number of life changing injuries including fractures of the mid-shaft of the left clavicle, both pubic rami, the sacral ala and sacro-iliac joint and spinal fractures at L5, T3, T5 and C6, together with psychological symptoms.

The Health and Safety were involved in a post accident investigation and successfully charged his employer with breaches of health and safety law relating to the construction work Mr Costa was instructed to carry out.

Rob Weeden and his team worked tirelessly to obtain Mr Costa the compensation he deserved and secured payments throughout the course of the claim to financially support Mr Costa during the time he was unable to work.

We were also able to visit Mr Costa in person to help him through the process of bringing a claim, including providing an independent translator to help him where needed in understanding various documents.

As a result of the accident Mr Costa was unable to continue in his role but was able to find light duties that were more suited to him following his accident.

Express Solicitors ensured that the compensation Mr Costa received compensated him not only his injuries but also for his past and future financial losses arising from the accident.



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