Express Helps Those Injured After a Bus Accident in Staines

Bus accident

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In the road traffic accident department, we deal with a wide variety of accident circumstances and injuries. It is our job to ensure that we properly assess the needs of the client in order that we can offer a tailored, individual service. We do this so that we can treat our clients as individuals rather than just another number.

Recently, I have been involved in working on series of cases resulting from a bus accident in Staines. The bus was taking a large party of school children and teachers from their school in Epping to Thorpe Park. Unfortunately, owing to the negligence of the driver, the bus was driven into a low bridge, shearing the roof from the bus entirely.

Miraculously, the majority of the bus passengers escaped serious physical injury. However, the children and indeed adults involved in that crash will have undoubtedly suffered from varying degrees of psychological trauma and injuries. Symptoms that can include but are not limited to travel anxiety, nightmares, problems with sleeping, flashbacks and intrusive thoughts or memories. Many of our clients do not know that that they are able to be compensated for the effect that these psychological symptoms have had on their life.

At Express Solicitors, not only are we able to advise on and secure the damages deserved for these injuries often missed by other firms, we are also able to instruct specialists to treat these injuries. This bespoke service enables our clients to get back to their normal selves as quickly as possible.

If you or a loved one has been injured in the school bus crash in Staines, please do not hesitate to contact Tom in the Road Traffic Accident to discuss the best possible course of action for your case.

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