Express Solicitors Wins Anna £6,000 For Poor Medical Care After Operation On Her Abdomen

When Anna Regan from Dorset underwent an operation on her abdomen at a private hospital she received poor medical care and suffered months of pain and distress.

Miss Regan underwent the abdominal surgery in September 2010 which she was told had gone well and was discharged two days later.  However, that evening she felt unwell and as she was climbing into bed, a drain fell out of her right hand side and started filling with blood.  Miss Regan called the hospital, over an hour’s drive away, and was advised to return immediately.

“It was a terrifying experience,” she says, “and the journey was made worse by the fact that I felt so sick.”  After being admitted back to the private hospital for a further two days Miss Regan was once again discharged and reassured that everything was ok. However, Miss Regan had noticed a swelling on the right of her abdomen which she states she mentioned several times to various medical professionals but “the experts just kept reassuring me it was likely to be scar tissue.”

Miss Regan continues that “in the months that followed, the swelling on my right niggled at me and started to make me very uncomfortable.  It restricted my ability to carry out my usual activities and I could no longer enjoy yoga or go to the gym.”

Eventually after months of pain and discomfort Miss Regan’s GP sent her to a local hospital for an ultrasound scan which revealed a drainage tube had been left in her abdomen.  Miss Regan states that she was in absolute shock that such a thing could have happened.

A friend of Miss Regan’s suggested she make a compensation claim against the hospital and the surgeon who carried out her original surgery and told her about Express Solicitors, who won her £6,000 in compensation.

Miss Regan said: “The firm came highly recommended and I can see why – the service I received was excellent and I cannot praise my solicitor, highly enough.   The whole process was quick and efficient and I received my compensation within a year.  Yet it wasn’t just about being compensated for my pain and distress; the hospital did not give me the care I should have received and I do hope lessons are learnt so no-one else goes though the same experience as I did.”

If you have suffered as a result of Clinical Negligence, you may be entitled to financial compensation. For free legal advice and help with your claim please ring us on 0800 158 5274 to talk to a specialist Clinical Negligence solicitor.

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