Failure To Perform Routine Tests Leads To Illness And Injury After Beauty Treatment

Thankfully most holistic beauty and spa treatments are administered safety leaving the customer feeling refreshed revitalised or brimming with confidence after enhancing their looks. Yet however routine the treatment it is still essential that the practitioner applies best practise ensuring that the customer is placed at minimal risk.

Patch Testing Before Beauty Treatments Is Essential

Establishing whether the substances involved in a certain treatment are suitable or not for a patient is key and most practitioners will do this through patch testing. Failure to do this can in some instances lead to an individual suffering an allergic reaction and becoming very ill or leave them with serious injuries.
A female client of mine recently had a regrettable experience after undergoing a beauty treatment in Essex sustaining an allergic reaction to a treatment applied to her face. She also suffered burntype injuries which have yet to heal.

Illness And Injuries Were Completely Avoidable

The treatment may have been safe for the beauty practitioner’s previous 10 100 or 1000 customers but crucially if each treatment is not patch tested on each customer then there is no way of knowing if the treatment is safe. We are working hard to secure a fair compensation package for our client but it is incredibly frustrating knowing that a simple patch test could have avoided her experiencing a considerable amount of pain and suffering.
If you have become ill or sustained injury as a result of a beauty spa or holistic treatment please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Cosmetic Injuries Solicitor.
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