Government Announces Plans To Reform Motorcycle Tests

The government has recently published plans which could lead to the scrapping of the traditional two part examination (a theory test followed by practical exam) for learner motorcyclists. The idea is to implement a single onroad test once riders have demonstrated certain manoeuvres at the test centre.
Road safety minister Mike Penning published a report after a review into motorcycle testing which was undertaken jointly by motorcycle groups training organisations and the Department For Transport.

Report Recommends New HazardAvoidance Manoeurve

The report recommends the introduction of a new hazard avoidance manoeuvre which would be performed at the test centre and then on public roads later in the test. The rider’s ability to perform a Uturn figureofeight and slalom would all be assessed first at the test centre also.
The aim of the reforms is to ensure the test is as rigorous as possible and reflects reallife conditions to ensure motorcyclists are ready before they can ride unaccompanied.

Plans Should Improve Access To Motorcycle Tests

Furthermore removing the need to attend an offroad test centre should open up the test to those living in areas which are poorly served by existing test centres. This is particularly important given that the government has announced the closure of a number of test centres recently parking protests with more closures expected to follow.
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