Government Warns Autism Diagnosis In Children Must Improve

Government health advisors have warned that Autism diagnosis and care in children must improve with NHS staff urged to work more effectively with schools care workers and charities to bring about change. 
The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has recommended that every child who has a disorder on the autism spectrum is to be assigned a case coordinator who should act as the family’s single point of contact. An individual program specific to the child’s needs should also be drawn up to ensure the treatment they receive is wholly appropriate for them.

At Least One Third Of Autistic Adults Experience Mental Health Problems

Autism is a serious lifelong condition that can have a serious impact on an individual and their family if they do not receive the right support. In fact according to The National Autistic Society at least a third of autistic adults experience mental health problems due to a lack of support
Diagnosing the condition as early as possible is therefore essential. It must be particularly traumatic for families who according to the National Autistic Society chief exec Mark Lever are often ‘sent from pillar to post whilst seeking a diagnosis or who find themselves outlining their experiences over and over again to different professionals’.

Autism A ‘Hidden Disability’ And Is Hard To Detect

By its very nature it is difficult to diagnose. Here’s hoping NICE’s latest recommendations will ensure that autistic children get the help they need as soon as possible as the right support can enormously improve people’s lives.
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