Increase In Government Payouts For Tainted Blood Sufferers

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has announced that following a review government compensation to those affected by tainted blood products from the NHS are to receive an increase in compensation. The decision concerns around 4300 people mainly haemophiliacs who were infected in the 1970s and ’80s.

‘One Of The Worst Episodes In Modern Healthcare’

Mr Lansley described the episode during which many were infected with Hepatitus C HIV and sometimes both diseases as one of the greatest tragedies in modern healthcare.
Hepatitus C often leads to cirrhosis or liver cancer and these patients who have suffered from such conditions will now receive yearly payments of 13000pounds. Should sufferers with Hep. C become seriously ill they will also receive a one off payment of 50000pounds. This is twice as much as the previous amount.

Tainted Blood Campaigners Still Unhappy Despite Increases In Compensation

In total it could mean an additional 100M to 130M pounds spent over the course of this parliament yet campaigners who have fought for a better deal for Hep. C sufferers are still unhappy. While the increase in payments have brought compensation packages for those with the disease in line with that of AIDs sufferers currently the increase only applies to patients infected in England and not the rest of the UK. Also the payments are significantly less than those paid out by the government in The Republic Of Ireland. 
Furthermore it is open to debate whether or not the increase in money is mere gesture politics by the government or if it adequately compensates the individuals involved for their suffering.
The Tainted Blood campaign group can be found here.
If you have become seriously ill due to tainted blood products or due to any form of malpractice at hospital please contact us today to discuss your case free of charge with a specialist medical negligence solicitor.
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