Increasing Number Of Horse Accidents

With approximately 3.5 million people riding regularly, horse riding is a popular hobby but unfortunately accidents involving horses are on the increase. Statistics indicate that other than road traffic accidents, paramedics attend more accidents involving horses every year than any other type of accident and riders also account for more call-outs of the voluntary Air Ambulance services than any other sporting activities combined.

Due to the active nature of horse riding and the fact that the activity involves large and unpredictable animals, there is an element of risk but often the injuries suffered are severe and can lead to long term effects.  Some of the examples of injuries that can be suffered are broken bones, head injuries with potential brain injuries, and spinal injuries.  People also often suffer with psychological side effects of these types of accidents.

Accidents involving horses not only can cause serious injuries to the rider’s but also to others including, grooms, spectators at events and other people who are in the immediate vicinity of a horse for whatever reason.

Given the serious nature of these injuries this can lead to people taking significant periods of time off work, the requirement for additional care, and long term consequences in terms of the physical abilities.  These are all things that Express Solicitors can advise you about.

Accidents do happen, sometimes without anyone being to blame. However, accidents also occur due to the actions (or lack of) or neglect of others and as a result you may be able to make a claim for financial compensation.

The types of accidents which can lead to a successful claim include for example:

  • An accident on a road or other public place
  • An accident caused by defective equipment, or tack not being suitably fitted
  • Poor supervision and / or inadequate instructions being provided leading to accident

Express Solicitors have a specialist team who have knowledge and experience in dealing with horse accidents, both in terms of horse behaviour, the relevant legal arguments, and also the significant types of injuries that can be sustained.

If you have been injured due to a horse accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your suffering. Call Express Solicitors on 0845 456 4007, to speak to one of our experienced Horse Accident solicitors for advice and help with making a claim.

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