Interesting Judgement Concerning Benefit Of Cyclist Helmets In Serious Collisions

I followed with interest the PhetheanHubble v Coles case this year concerning an accident involving a motorist and a cyclist. The claimant Tobias PhetheanHubble was 16 years old when he rode his bicycle off the pavement and into the path of Sam Coles’ car. He has no recollection of the accident so severe were his head injuries after hitting first the windscreen and then part of the roof.
The case had some very intriguing issues of liability arising from the driver’s speed and the actions of both parties which interested me as specialist Road Traffic Accident Solicitor. Most interesting of all were the court’s conclusions regarding the benefits of helmets.

Court Ruled That Helmet Would Not Have Prevented Serious Head Injuries

PhetheanHubble was not wearing a helmet when he had his accident. While the judge made some points about the general benefit of wearing a helmet should a cyclist be involved in a lowlevel collision in this case it was held that wearing a helmet would have had minimal effect. This was due to the force of the impact and also because there was more than one heavy impact.

Cycling In A Responsible Manner More Effective In Preventing Head Injury

So while I would encourage all cyclists to wear a helmet when out on their bikes they should choose their helmet wisely and be prepared to invest in one which is robust and well designed. And even if they are wearing the right helmet they’d do well to remember that staying alert to danger and cycling in a responsible manner will go a lot further to ensuring they avoid serious injury.
If you have been involved in a serious accident in a car or on a bicycle or motorcycle please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Road Traffic Accident Solicitor.
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