Lady Awarded £3,000 After Supermarket Accident

Mrs Jane Gibson has been awarded £3,000 after a supermarket trolley she was pushing got stuck on a travelator, and she became trapped underneath.

Mrs Gibson was visiting her local supermarket with her husband, daughter and grandson. After finishing her shopping, they proceeded down the travelator together to pay. As they approached the end of the travelator, Mrs Gibson prepared to push the trolley but as she did so, the left front wheel of the trolley got stuck which caused it to jerk to the right.

As the travelator continued moving, Mrs Gibson fell to the floor as she was pulled off balance. She was pulled under the trolley whilst her husband looked for a stop button but was unable to find one. With some difficulty and help from her daughter, Mrs Gibson managed to get to her feet.

Mrs Gibson’s daughter told customer services to report what had happened. Customer services were very unhelpful, merely questioning why they had not used the stop button situated out of sight under the lip of the travelator. The fall had caused Mrs Gibson to injure her back, right knee and right foot.

Later in the evening, Mrs Gibson felt pain in her back and was driven to Accident and Emergency. After examination by a doctor, Mrs Gibson was told she had soft tissue injuries to her knee and back as well as bruising on her arms and feet.

Two years later, Mrs Gibson found that her condition was not improving and had to return to her GP for treatment. She still occasionally experiences pain in her knees and lower back.

Mrs Gibson’s accident could have been avoided if the travelator had been designed to allow trolleys to exit easily. The emergency stop button should also have been placed in a more accessible and easy to find location.

Mrs Gibson’s case had initially been rejected by a solicitor, but thanks to the hard work of Jonathan Flattery, Assistant Solicitor at Express Solicitors, Mrs Gibson was awarded £3,000 in compensation.

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