Large HSE Fine After Worker Injured In Ladder Accident

It seems the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is really clamping down on negligent employers whose actions cause serious injuries to their workforce. Following the latest fine 6500pounds for a poultry business in Norfolk after a worker broke his back after falling from a ladder Saffron Turnell of HSE said in a statement that the safety watchdog ‘will not hesitate to take employers to court and seek tough penalties if they are found to be taking a lax attitude to their workers’ safety’.

Serious Workplace Accidents Can Have Devastating Impact

As a Litigation Executive working in the Employer’s Liability division at a specialist Personal Injury law firm I applaud this stance. I have seen the devastating impact a serious injury in the workplace can have on victims and their families. Workers while having a duty to work responsibly and safely also place their trust in their employers and have a right to be provided with adequate training equipment and assistance so as to minimise the risk of accident.
The unfortunate gentlemen in the accident relating to the 6500pounds fine sustained a broken vertebrae in his lower spine. Off work for six months he still cannot perform his normal duties. A HSE investigation found that the principal reason for the accident was a lack of information which should have been provided by the employer.

1200 People Each Year Injured In Ladder Accidents

His will be just one of 1200 serious injuries caused by falling off a ladder this year. As ladder accidents by their very nature often involve falling from a significant height unfortunately very serious spine limb and head injuries do commonly occur. On average 12 people die from such accidents each year.
The HSE has an advice page for those working at height and on ladders which can be viewed here. If you have suffered a serious injury during the course of your employment please contact us today to discuss your claim free of with a specialist Employer’s Liability Solicitor.
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