How to Make a Laser Eye Surgery Negligence Claim

Laser eye surgery is a procedure that’s becoming extremely popular in the UK. However, there are risks involved and, although uncommon, it’s not impossible for things to go wrong.

If your laser eye surgery is unsuccessful it can lead to all manner of undesirable side effects and complications like general discomfort around the eyes, headaches, blurred vision, and possibly even permanent blindness. If you think that you’ve suffered negative consequences as a result of the negligence of your optician or surgeon, then there are a number of options available to you.

Making a claim

If negligence has caused your laser eye surgery to go wrong then the likelihood is that you’ll have suffered pain, discomfort and a lot of inconvenience since the operation. Trying to arrange for the correction of a surgeon’s wrongdoings and coping with the pain and side effects of botched laser eye surgery puts a huge strain on your life and is a massive inconvenience as the usual two to three days you expect to have off work could become much more.

Making a claim for laser eye surgery negligence will not only help you to claim the compensation you deserve, for the inconvenience and trauma that such negligence has caused, it will also help you get your life back to normal.

If you have suffered because of substandard laser eye surgery then you should contact a legal professional as soon as you are able, in order to start the necessary proceedings.

Who’s eligible to make a claim?

Anyone who has undergone laser eye surgery and has since suffered from a negative side effect that was not explained prior to the procedure, or anyone who has suffered negatively since the procedure because of someone else’s negligence, is entitled to make a claim.

What happens during the claim?

A lot of people are afraid of making a claim because they don’t want to face big companies alone. You don’t have to. Once you’ve contacted a solicitor they’ll go through your case with you. You’ll have to explain the history of your case to them. You’ll need to explain the case to them and also talk them through the issues you’ve had since the surgery.

In the majority of cases you’ll have to allow your solicitor access to your medical records so that they use them in your case. For example, hey may look for information regarding your eyesight before surgery compared with after so that they can establish facts on how the surgery has had an effect on your life.

Your solicitor is also likely to want to talk to a medical expert in order to gain a qualified opinion on the case. They will be able to assess the level of inconvenience and trauma that’s been caused by the negligence. Having a medical expert on side will certainly help your case so it’s essential to talk to them; because of their ability to assess the damage that’s been caused they’re also likely to be able to assess the right level of compensation for your claim.

Once you’ve gone through your claim with both experts they’ll be able to evaluate the case and explain the options that are available to you. If you choose to go ahead with the claim then your solicitor will proceed and contact any third parties involved to inform them of the claim that’s being made against them.

Success rates

There’s never a guarantee that any kind of legal claim will be successful. However, if you choose a good solicitor and provide all of the information they require, you’re more likely to get the result you’re hoping for. Many claims will be settled out of court which means you won’t have to consider that as an added stress. However, if the case is brought before a judge in court, you’ll be supported through each and every stage of the process.

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