Manchester is the ‘Clumsy Commuter’ Capital of the UK

Christopher Neill of Express Solicitors is no stranger to the busy morning commute. The Trainee Solicitor, originally from London, would take the rat race journey into the city centre every single day so he has experienced first-hand the different kinds of risks and dangers this simple journey can hide.

Last week insurance company LV published a new report that revealed commuters in Britain are at risk of injury approximately 32 times every week.

The report looked at a variety of different possible risks and dangers that a person may face as they travel between work and home, and it discovered that the city of Manchester was home to the country’s biggest risk takers.

It also found that women who commute to and from work are more likely to take risks on their journey than men.

According to the results of the report, commuters in Manchester are in more danger than any other city, as approximately 48 risks are taken every week.

The capital city of London was in second place, but was still a full 10 risks behind Manchester at an average of 38 risks each week. Liverpool followed closely in third with an average of 30 risks being taken per week.

On average, an urban commuter travelling to and from work will take 1,600 risks every year.

Recent figures from the Office of National Statistics have shown that over 1.7 million people have experienced some kind of injury on their way to work and many of them had to take time off work to recover from their injuries.

The amount of time take off ranged from 1 day to 6 months.

The research by LV showed that crossing the road without looking was the most common accident that caused people to take time off work.

After this kind of incident, the report found that people needed an average of 3.5 months to recover. Standing forward of the yellow line on train platforms caused injured commuters to take 3.4 months of leave, whilst slipping in a crowd required 3.2 months of recovery.

The 5 biggest risks to commuters were: – Falling on stairs (42%.)

– Transport doors closing (41%.)

– Overtaking on foot (39%.)

– Crossing the road – (38%.)

– Distracted by a phone (35%.)

Many of the risks mentioned above will appear minor to many commuters, but they can actually cause serious injuries. Although physical health will obviously be affected, financial difficulties may occur if people are forced to take leave from work due to their injuries.

If you have suffered an injury on your way to work that was through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to compensation. Call Express Solicitors today on 0845 456 4007 to discuss your claim with an independent legal expert. 

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