Manchester’s Roads Have Become Safer, Report Shows

I was surprised that the publication of a report by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) recently didn’t attract much media attention. Maybe good news just doesn’t get pulses racing.
As part of the Road Traffic Accident (RTA) division here at Express Solicitors and well aware of the destruction an RTA can have on a victim and their family I was excited by this report.

55% Reduction In Collisions In Manchester

TfGM’s Committee’s Capital Projects and Policy Sub Committee found that the number of collisions on Greater Manchester’s roads has more than halved in the past decade and the number of people killed or seriously injured fell by more than a third. Read the full statistics here.
Credit must go to local authorities for investment in safety initiatives they’re clearly working and also to drivers for driving more responsibly. The figures also fly in the face of propaganda by the motor insurance industry often used to justify rising premiums that car accidents are on the increase and more people are claiming for road traffic accidents than ever before.
This is simply not true. Manchester Evening News Business Week recently published an article by RTA department head Rachel Flannigan which suggests some of the possible reasons for rising premiums. Read the MEN article here.

Continued Improvement In Road Safety Is Goal

Chairman of the TfGM committee Councillor Andrew Fender made pleasing noises following the publication of the report stressing the need to maintain the hard work and diligence of all parties to ensure that these figures are merely one milestone on a path of continuing improvement.
Driver skill and concentration will be pushed to the limit once again this winter. As ice and snow arrives and daylight hours are decreased the likelihood of accidents increases. If you have been involved in a road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault please contact us to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Road traffic Accident Solicitor.
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