Midwives Need More Regulating

In the news today, comes yet another story about failings within the NHS. It has been found that poor supervision of midwives at Furness General Hospital has led to the preventable deaths of three babies and a mother.

It is also feared that overall, fifteen babies and two mothers died needlessly over the last ten years with another fifteen newborns suffering irreversible brain damage or serious injuries.

The cause of the avoidable deaths was simply the fact that the midwives had not been supervised properly during the births. The NHS has offered its ‘deepest apologies’ to the families involved and already changes have been implemented at the hospital. However, this poor level of care is completely unacceptable and the changes in place now do not help the families affected.

A new addition to the family should be cause for joy and happiness, yet terribly for the families that have lost their babies due to poor care, this is simply not the case. Losing a child must be absolutely devastating for parents and to think that the deaths at Furness General Hospital could have been prevented is both shocking and terrifying.  Not only can poor levels of care result in death for either the mother or baby, it can also lead to other serious and life-long implications such as brain damage (e.g. Cerebral Palsy).

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