Motorcyclists Need To Get A Grip To Reduce Accidents

There are a whopping 10 million manhole covers in the UK and, as we’ll always need access to the underground networks that deliver our gas, water, telephone lines and broadband, they’re not going  to go away.

Yet defective manhole covers – either ones which are cracked, uneven or simply worn down – pose a great hazard to motorcyclists. Consistent grip is extremely important to single track vehicles and grip is often non-existent on smooth, slippery manhole covers worn down by years of traffic.

Motorcyclists, aware of the dangers of skidding on an access cover, may instinctively swerve to avoid travelling over them, which in turn presents a further danger to themselves and other road users.

The Motorcycle Accident Group has launched a campaign entitled Get A Grip, which is aiming to raise awareness of the problem beyond the motorcycle fraternity. They’re also working hard to highlight new technologies which are more motorcycle friendly, and well as opening up discussion as to whether it’s feasible to move manhole covers to positions in the road which would present a reduced threat to bikers.

They are asking for people to assist in two ways: sign the Get A Grip petition for new access covers using new, safer technology; and, report any defective manhole cover (or indeed any part of the road that could cause an accident) to their local council, so data and knowledge of the problem grows and authorities are eoncouraged to take action.

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