Myths And Hearsay Devalue Health & Safety Law

Employment Minister Chris Grayling has published a list of what he describes as the ‘most bizarre’ reasons for banning activities in the name of health and safety. It’s hightime that some of these myths were debunked as they give Health & Safety Law a bad name and dilute it as a force for good.
The full list compiled during Chris Grayling’s yearlong tenor as Employment Minister can be found here but highlights include the stopping of bumping by bumper cars a school banning football matches (unless the ball is made of sponge!) and the banning of all kites flown on East Riding beaches.

Government Sets The Record Straight Over Health & Safety

There is so much hearsay and rumour regarding health and safety law that the government until recently ran a ‘Myth Of The Month’ column setting the record straight. A particular favourite of mine was the suggestion that bunting would be banned with misplaced fears of inspectors doing the rounds cutting down bunting at parties.
Health and Safety Law exists to ensure workplaces and publics places remain safe for all and the UK can be justifiably proud of its low accident low avoidable death record. The cases in Graylings list only serve to undermine Health & Safety Law and to create ambiguity which may in turn lead to employers being unsure of how to apply the rules.

H&S Law Should Run In Parallel With Common Sense

Individuals should not be stifled from carrying out safe normal activities in the name of Health and Safety Law and should always challenge myths and overzealous practices. Health and Safety Law when applied properly should compliment good common sense and judgement.
However with David Cameron initiating reform of Health and Safety Law here’s hoping that the core values of these laws are not compromised as a kneejerk reaction to the current myths as this could endanger thousands of lives.
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