NCT Debate

image002The Question was.

Premiership footballers deserve all the rewards they get?

And so began the final of the hotly contested Great NCT Debate.  Alex Langston led his team of Esther Clayhills, Emma Welby, Daniel Edwards, Nathan Harewood and Shaunna Fitzpatrick arguing for the footballers saying due to the global demand, ticket sales, merchandising, TV rights and so forth, the amount paid back in tax alone made it justifiable.  Their argument was one of supply and demand, so few people can play at that skill level the wages were a product of simple economics.

Hotly contested by Carl Gallagher and his team of Imaan Malik, Monika Adamkova, Elenor Brickell, Jason Baxter and Jamie Smithers, they wanted to know why do footballers deserve from £30,000 – £300,000 per week?  They turn up and kick a ball around.  They have doctors, physios, grounds men, coach drivers.  All they do is turn up and play and put in 3-4 hours per day training.  What about those who work in the NHS, saving lives?  Statistics were drawn to illustrate what £100,000 could do, how many families could be supported.  Their issue was how can it be fair
The teams both had 15 minutes to deliver their arguments and you could see great use of research, links, humour and good debating skills, introduction of colleagues and coherent arguments put forward.  Then a short remission and back into the rebuttals on the points the other team had made.This was the final of 3 rounds of debates within NCT and was great to see the hard work and effort put in by the teams on some thought provoking topics over the last few weeks.  A serious well done to all those involved
Carl Gallagher gave a great performance in posing the moral question of whether the room would agree to pay those wages if they had the power to?  This led to the results from the audience were evenly tied leaving Fiona Graham, Manager of NCT and Laura Edgeley, Partner the casting votes.  Alex’s team won in this closely contested result.






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